Let Women Take The Reins For World Peace

  • Isa

    You have a rather naive understanding of global political dynamics. Your assertion that war is a result of mistrust is foolish at best.

  • mike3

    it’s worth a shot. don’t know if you could do much worse. but it would have to be some sort of simultaneous movement. you can’t send women in who are willing to capitulate to other countries demand for the sake of peace.
    I think the Hawaiians are still pissed about that?

  • Duck_Season

    If you really want to move towards world peace, try removing the cause of most wars and death throughout history, religion. At least it needs to be kept from government institutions, especially Islam.

  • Munna

    The greatest need for women to have more say in everything is due to the fact that it’s the women species as a whole who are badly in need of that. Somehow, men have often failed in their duties to give proper rights and respect to women, if at least women are given some chance to solve their problems then, many of the ills the womens are facing would be addressed with greater care and finesse. For example, it’s often put up as an accusation against men in India they they are to blame for the elimination of girl child while, recent studies have reported the shocking revelation that actually, in 90% of the cases it’s the womenfolk who are involved in killing the girl child, either due to obsessive desire for male child, either due to coercion, either due to being forced due to societal, community, or male partners insistence but overall the main reason emerged that women feel too much helpless in supporting the girl child and their obsessive desire for male offspring has brought havoc to the equal parity rate among the gender figure which in some places have gone down below 800/1000 in some places.