Selma is Right, the Academy is Wrong

  • Jekyll

    Join the academy

  • George Williams

    Actually, “Selma” was inaccurate history, as described in the Washington Post.


    The academy was right. Why should a fraud get an award. Sorry, Latifah, but The Civil Rights Acts were enacted by white people, the people you call supremacists.

    • Guest

      Its an award for movies. Everything is fraudulent about movies, theyre escapist interpreative pieces of art. The academy should give awards on merit not on accuracy.
      Also there has never been a feature film about a historical event that was a million percent accurate, thats why we have documentaries.

      • George Williams

        Tell those who marched that the movie was a work of fiction. Unfortunately, many people, including our youth actually get their history from movies so this gives them a distorted view that they may carry with them for the rest of their lives. Something having impact as this should be accurate, as it amounts to history, as fact to the least educated among us. And leaving out the fact that white people also participated in the desegregation movement makes this a lie, period.