The Muslim Community’s Hidden Shame

  • Leena

    This is fantastic. Thank you for bringing such an important, desperately needed conversation to light. Hell yes!

  • Mohammad

    Female modesty should, in Islam, never be defined by either men or women. It is already defined by Allah and His messenger. As Muslims that should be our sole source.

    That is why it is so important we all learn exactly what that is.

    • canpak

      The problem is that there are hu”man” beings standing between the Words of Allah swt and Muslims. As a lay Muslim, I am discouraged to understand the word of Allah swt untainted. I have to follow a “man” interpretation of the actual words of Qur’an to understand what the words of Qur’an actually mean.
      For a starter, would you (or anyone else who think they know) like to let us know how exactly Allah swt and His Messenger have defined female modesty?

      • Rashida

        It’s called Hadith. Talks all about the chastity of the Muslim.

        • canpak

          Can you please post the hadith (or hadiths) that you are referring to?

      • OH

        The most thorough explanation of hijab verses in the Quraan I know, hands down, is a series by Nouman Ali Khan called “What is Hijab?”

        It is however part of Bayyinah.Tv which needs a subscription ($11/mo) and is absolutely worth it. Reply if the fee will keep u from watching the vids and I’ll get u in.

        Yes, it is still being explained by a man but again, he is the most thorough I’ve heard so far.

        • canpak

          My point is a general one, not about hijab or anything in particular. In general, what we are fed as “divine” and “sacred” (aka “this is real Islam”) is nothing but interpretations of divine words by human (almost 100% men). Not only that, they actually discourage any efforts to understand the divine word outside of their interpretation (actually they don’t even shy away from declaring people “kafir” or “murtid” if they happen to disagree with their interpretation).

  • Jekyll

    You have such a pathetic and ugly way of making even the most sobering and needed stories turned afoul by using the word patriarchy wherever you like. This story is a wake up call…(made a joke by your pathetic stain of having feminism be the solution. So if it was a women teacher molesting boys or girls, would patriarchy still be at fault ?)

    • sammiejoe

      That’s a very big if. The point is that men do it much more often, and GET AWAY WITH IT much more often because of patriarchal systems & attitudes that pervade everything from religion to government to entertainment.

      Think about the life you have now and what your life would be like if you were a woman. Reflect.

      • Jekyll

        *slow clap* Thank you for missing the point…let’s sit around the fire and blame patriarchy for everything bad that ever happened and will happen.

        You reflect as how life would be better if it was not for blaming everything on patriarchy.

        • actual anonymous

          Yes, how life of men would be much better if women and minorities didn’t speak up against patriarchy and social stigma.

          What if roles were reversed. Men are valued for their virginity and silence and women could get away with harassment for 30 years. Threatening to you? That’s what these women have to deal with.

          Don’t judge what you don’t understand and something you have never been through. Women are always blamed for rape and men who are also victims are shunned due to being “degraded” into a woman and is really “some sissy” or “cant enjoy action with girls enough”.

          Fuck you and your propagated thoughts. If your country still uses founding fathers to cover genocide, congratulations, you’re in a patriarchal country.

          • Jekyll

            *a even slower clap* No not “fuck me”…but educate yourself via common sense and seeing the real issues that come with gender equality and decorum

          • actual anonymous

            So you ran out of arguments now the only word you can use is “common sense” and “educate yourself”.
            Have you even read the Quran? Men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah, although not made identical.
            Are you just intimidated that women are finally getting the equality they should receive? Intimidated women are becoming like the women 1400 years ago?

            Idiots learn from experience alone. Wiser people learn from history and accounts.

          • Jekyll

            Thanks for the mangina alert

          • actual anonymous

            You using that term just shows you don’t care about the reverse analogy you used regarding raped boys and only use it for keeping your agenda. Plus you ran out of arguments and don’t realise how vaginas work.

          • Jekyll

            Smh…def a mangina keep it up buddy

          • actual anonymous

            probably has never seen a vagina before and doesnt know how it works. oh right i bet you are not allowed to learn what sex is, lolz

          • Jekyll

            2/3… Not bad boyo

          • Jekyll

            Oh you be surprised boyo

          • actual anonymous

            and also you arent bothered giving proper replies and only call names and the idiotic “smh” used only by swagfags and redditors. you lost mate, deal with it.

          • Jekyll

            Smh…you are homophobic…smh smh

          • actual anonymous

            LOL. that actually made me laugh. yes, i’m so homophobic I am in a homosexual relationship for er… “spying purposes”

  • K. Alice

    those muslim men keep their women in cages while they watch porn and cheat

    • canpak

      You are right. Somehow these women have negotiated to get internet and computer in those cages. Can you please be real a little bit?

  • EvilSite

    So much for “the right not to be judged” and “my version of Islam is what I want it to be.” Put the shoe on the other foot, and suddenly the sin is so awful and we have to judge it and come down hard, because, gasp, there are indeed victims of sinning and not punishing it has a negative outcome.

    This site is pure hypocrisy and stupidity.

    • canpak

      Do you understand that the talk about not his sin (or how good or bad he is as a Muslim). It is about the actual crimes he committed and the protection and the power he exercised both to exploit victims and then to enjoy the protection he was afforded to, again because of his esteemed status as a scholar and imam. It is not about “judging a sin”, it is about making sure that another imam or religious scholar is not given the power to use his status sexually assault young girls and boys with impunity.

  • Asham Saud

    Truth be told if being muslims had corrupted your minds to such a low standard I feel its enough being good human beings than being muslims. The confusion and rot in the community is amazing and mind boggling. Long story short if there is a bone stuck get it out. It does not matter how it got there first . First get it out.