Mustafa Mattan: Selective Mourning and Ideal Narratives

  • Muna

    You took the words out my mouth whenever some Muslims are called out for being anti black they scream one ummah. Black Muslims have been ignored a lot in our communities and the more we talk about it the more it will raise awareness

  • Sajida

    You’re right. And we also need to rmemeber African-American Muslims who are marginalized within black Muslim communities as well. Anti-blackness is so deeply rooted and internalized that we’ve managed to ignore the pioneers of Islam in the nation we call home

  • http://3edgesword.blogspot.com/ Feynman and Coutler’s Love Chi

    I can’t speak to why other Muslims don’t consider black Somalis “part of the group” in the sense you ask, but as to the question why the media has been silent, that might have to do with the huge number of Somali men who move to Alberta from Ontario and are killed. 23 killed over three years in a jurisdiction where 100 total murders in a year would be a shock.

    Mustafa may indeed be an innocent victim caught up in an act of violence. He may be, as so many of the others like him who died, turn out to be involved in criminal activity. If it’s the former, expect the cries for justice to increase. If it’s the latter, then his murder won’t have anything to do with him being “marginalized”: whether from the larger community or Arab Muslims or anybody.

    • Sajida H.

      It’s wrong and frankly highly offensive and borderline racist to assume that Mustafa Mattan was involved in criminal activities after explicit description of his life and character by his community that proves otherwise. And maybe we should also be discussing how young Somali men are targeted in Canada instead of dismissing yet another death to “that’s just how they are.”

      • http://3edgesword.blogspot.com/ Feynman and Coutler’s Love Chi

        It’s already been well discussed. They are almost always “targeted” either by rival gangs or fellow Somalis.

        We don’t know why Mustafa was killed, but if you take 20 Somali men’s deaths and say “they were involved in criminal activity” before knowing a single other fact, you’d probably be right at least 15 times. It’s offensive to try to pretend otherwise.