A Child’s Innocence

  • Hadiya

    Beautiful post. I do see younger girls who look up to celeberties and it saddens me to see it. We have the most perfect role models and we tend to see faults in them but find perfection in people full of faults. What saddens me more is when that famous person makes a mistake many mothers are like, ‘It’s a shame, my daughter looks up to her. I dont’ know how to explain this one’. The kids are sometimes blinded becasue the parents are blinded too.
    May Allah guide us toe the right path. Ameen


  • Shanzay Farzan

    What a beautiful article. I completely agree that we need to spread knowledge of Islam that better influences these young children. In this society, it’s so hard to convince them of the benefits and beauty of it with all the more attractive colorful things out there, but in time, Insha’Allah, we can let them see that our religion guides us to the right path, and makes us better human beings.

  • Sara

    Beautifully written and amazing article. It was so thoughtful & true. You’re right – it makes me sad how, not only the youth of Islam, but youth in general tends to look up to the wrong people and role models. What’ll happen to our future generations if that keeps up?

  • http://muslimasinus.webs.com/ muslimahinus

    you’re right here we are with younger sister and the awful shows that are on television and we don’t even inform our sisters about how these girls are 1 day going to the hellfire and they want to be just like them sisters in Islam we need to pull our sisters aside and speak the truth

  • http://www.themuslimah.com Umm Layth

    as salamu ‘alaykum

    Great reminder! I was just contemplating this same topic (role models/heroes) this past week. I’ve realized that a lot of the Muslim children I know are so obsessed with movie figures, Spiderman, Batman, etc. It’s only fantasy, though, right?

    One day while at the store, I noticed my oldest, only 6, looking at the movies. For the first time, I really thought deeply as to what this love for movies means. It doesn’t just stop at the fictional characters does it? These fictional characters are played by REAL people, like you and me and worse! People with issues. Hollywood stars are known for their chaotic lives. Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Fornication, Adultery, Divorce… just to name a few of the issues! Once our children grow a bit more, will the obsession move onto these people themselves? Will they want to imitate their dress, their adab, and so on? Where does it really end?

    I believe the problem starts with the adults who are responsible over the children. Children are so pure and their little hearts are poisoned by those that expose them to certain things. How many times do we hear parents complain that their children are so addicted to candy? Well, who exposed them? I think as adults we need to ask ourselves if our own role models are the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) and the companions (radhiyAllahu anhum) and the Prophets. We must be honest with ourselves. Do we love Rasulullah (sallAllahua layhi wa sallam) with an immense love that pushes us to look at ourselves? Do we love the way he lived his life so simply? Remember the story of the woman who threw trash on him? What did he do? He worried about her the day she didn’t throw any trash on him! Amazing character subhana’Allah. Do we read about his life and try to find ways to improve our character after reading about his character?

    If we can encourage ourselves to be better then inshaAllah we can impart a better message to those that look up to us because we are role models ourselves and that is why we are to blame.

  • nurfarhanah

    i used to behave the same way as your sister, but alhamdulillah, i am slowly moving away from that stage. all they need id time and enough, proper guidance. insya’allah.

  • AshaM

    very true about what muslim teens, kids etc etc Included me !!! get caught up in these type of stuff that entertrain us they do there jobs good .We always have to talk to our friends like what do you think gonna happen next on pretty little liars . Omg did you see last nights show . So there many ways we watch all these shows now a days and this terrible people become rolemodels . but not all are terriable .