Let Us Mourn Our Dead and Condemn Our Killers Equally

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  • godhelpus

    brilliant points. riveting. good job.

  • Mike Fox

    This is the most vapid and idiotic analysis I have read. Yes, the man probably committed the murder at least in part because of anti-Muslim feeling, maybe totally because of that. But there IS NO pattern of atheists killing Muslims. There IS a pattern of police brutality against blacks. And there is a pattern of the SLAUGHTER of many people — Muslim, Christian, Yazidi, etc. — for not conforming to the Islamic beliefs AS INTERPRETED & CLAIMED by the Sunnis of ISIS and clearly MANY THOUSANDS of western Muslims who have gone to join in crucifying people, killing children and raping women because they believe it is sanctioned by Muhammed. So how in the world does this author expect that “atheists” in particular should be condemning the murder. Clearly all sane people condemn the murder. There is NOTHING in the atheist community or thinking that justifies murder.

    Further, most importantly, the American media was not rushing to “justify” as this author claims, the actions of the white shooters. They WERE in fact severely mentally disturbed people, not acting for political or quasi-religious reasons. Muslim girl, learn to think please. Stop claiming victimhood for your group. This man was not a terrorist, just a murderer, whereas in France before Christmas you had several Muslims ramming cars into crowds of people, and then the Hebdo slaughter. You want a worldwide march or apology because a lone bigot killed these innocent people? How absurd.

    • Fearless Theist

      “They WERE in fact severely mentally disturbed people, not acting for political or quasi-religious reasons”–
      Hmm OK. Got it. it can actually happen for all the time. Lets avoid the hundreds of millions mass-murdering, Raping, religious institution destruction done by the Millitant atheists in 20-21 century to compare the same act with ISIS or Boko Haram. Hmm got it. Perfectly understandable. They all had mental disruption unlike militant Muslims. :)

      Again lets compare the recent events on mentally disturbed people
      1. It also happened for brutal murdering of “Marwa El-Sherbini”,
      2. it may even happen in militant atheist dominated country like China where mentally disturbed government makes law for prohibiting Muslim Fastening during Ramadan, bans Islamic beards, headwear and clothing on buses: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/06/chinese-city-bans-islamic-beards-headwear-and-clothing-on-buses. The same militant atheists made an all out attack on Muslims recently(Ah nope, Muslim terrorists.)
      3. It may even happen in France(Charle hebdo’s birth place), where Religious freedoms, largely for Muslim and moderately for Christian are overly suppressed by the leftists. Where Muslim girls were socially killed for the crime of wearing head scarf in College and Schools. Christians are getting away because they are higher in number, majority by 56%.

      So, even though Charle hebdo murderers had criminal record before the incident, it is perfectly understandable that all the terrorism done by atheists in the name of atheism(or should i say religious hatred towards religions) are actually result of mental disruption. At this point, don’t you think that they suffer from mental disturbance too much unlike other religious group. We should do something about it. Don’t you think?

      STOP YOUR ARMATURE HUMPING DUMPING and work for the betterment of the world by accusing the person who are wrong according to positive view.