Chapel Hill and Violence Against the Veil

  • jackson carter

    All muslims in Amerikkka must be armed, open carry, and have a consealed weapons permits, don’t be a victim. Have a back up too. Lock & load!

  • jackson carter

    Rest in peace in paradise brother and sisters. Allahu Akbar and so are you all.

  • http://kbdavis07.info/ Brian Davis

    This was pure

    Parking Spot Violence

    Nothing More…
    Nothing Less…

    Don’t turn this into something that it is not.

    Search Google for Muslims killing in U.S there are alot of them that are not in the news.

    All of those were never labeled as “hate” crime.

    Even through the Muslim killers clearly stated they killed because they were not Muslim.

    • excusesexcuses

      ‘My convenience/feeling validates your death’ is already a very dangerous sentiment used when self-entitled men interact with other people. Validating it in the media by using it as a fake preferred motive is already awful enough and illogical. Would you really shoot three people in the head EXECUTION STYLE if you had a ‘parking dispute’ with someone?

      This guy made sure to show up to his Muslim neighbors’ house with a gun on multiple occasions. This wasn’t a day to day carry a gun around, safety measure, this was a confrontational need to control his Muslim neighbors. Ya know, because every last Muslim you come across is definitely a terrorist no matter how nice right?

      The fact that you can google it and find articles means that these reports are in the news -_-

      In short, don’t give a white supremacist the crazy person pass that you wouldn’t give to a muslim terrorist.

  • http://kbdavis07.info/ Brian Davis

    Here some search results:

    Muslim killed N.J. teen ‘for being an American’

    A confessed domestic terrorist sits in prison after using information obtained from the Southern Poverty Law Center to target workers at a Christian organization in Washington, a case that drew little attention from the Obama administration.

    Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.
    Torture, persecution of faithful no longer reserved for Islamic nations

    Authorities in New Jersey allege a Muslim man beheaded two Coptic Christians, burying their bodies and heads and hands in separate graves near Philadelphia, bringing the horror of the persecution of Christians in Islamic nations to the United States.

    According to New York’s WABC-TV, the Muslim was identified as Yusuf Ibrahim, 28. He was taken into custody after the bodies were found.

    Suspect says he murdered New Jersey teen as revenge for U.S. military killings in Middle East: police
    Ali Muhammad Brown is accused of killing a 19-year-old in New Jersey and three men in Washington State. According to court documents, the 29-year-old claimed he wanted to kill the teen as an act of ‘vengeance’ to retaliate for U.S. military action in the Middle East.

    The shooter accused of gunning down at least four men in two states said he murdered a New Jersey teenager as revenge for Muslims killed overseas.

    According to court documents, Ali Muhammad Brown described his June murder of 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin as a “just kill” and said it was an act of “vengeance” meant to compensate for U.S. military killings in the Middle East.

    In addition to Tevlin’s murder, Brown has been charged will fatally shooting three men in Seattle. All four men were gunned down in remote areas late at night, NJ.com reported.

    Muslim Woman Kills An American Woman By Stabbing Her To Death And Then Plants A Bomb To Kill Another American

    • letsthinkaboutthis

      Since we are playing the violence Olympics, Christopher Columbus participated in murder, terrorism, torture, rape, enslavement, and genocide of the Native Americans or “Indians” that he came across. The kicker? We have a freaking holiday to celebrate him.