Why Indonesia’s Virginity Tests Still Matter

  • Jekyll

    I am no feminist, but this is utter degradation and humiliation. How about we educate women and men about sex and religion instead of making one gender be humiliated and in consequence the entire religion be laughed at on the world stage ?

  • MuslimahIndonesia

    Im really embarrassed reading this news! I am an Indonesian and also a muslim woman. I went to school in Indonesia and also worked for a couple of years before moving and living in the US. Never I heard and encountered such absurd thing!
    I believe this was happening in Jember, Jambi two small cities in Indonesia, and Aceh, where they are the only province allowed to implement the shariah law.
    Please do not generalize it as it happens in all over Indonesia, I bet your sources are from The Australian’s Guardian, which love to highlight only controversial news from Indonesia.
    Please help keep the unity in diversity of Indonesia. Preserve the moderate and tolerant Indonesia out from disruptive influences of politics and religions.
    I would love to see more news of progressive Indonesian muslim women on the news, which are rare to be highlighted in the media.