Women’s Mosque of America: In the Founder’s Own Words

  • R.

    Did I already told you I love you?

  • Jekyll

    End of feminism

    • Musang Ganas

      End horny toad patriarchalism.

      • Jekyll

        *slow clap*

  • Jekyll

    Eight ball tells me homosexuals and trans will be welcome in this mosque.

    • Musang Ganas

      They are welcomed in all mosques anyway, ignoramus. Except yours.

  • a concerned sister

    um there isn’t any such thing in the sun ah of a gender exclusive masjid. this women’s mosque is not from the sunnah so I’m not sure about its status under Islamic law. the masjid is the house of Allah. there is no such thing as a masjid for women or a masjid for men. Jumuah is lead by the imam, women do not lead the jumuah lecture or the salaat( yes I know what she said in the article). This is an innovation in the religion, and the prophet (pbuh) clearly stated that every innovation is in the fire.
    sisters I urge you to abandon this bidah. if it bothers you to have s divider in the masjid go to a mosque where there isn’t one. The religion is complete please don’t do things not done by the best of the people the Sahabah.

    • Musang Ganas

      This is the Mosque that does not have a divider. Go to this one, ladies. A hundred thousand innovations and you are cherry picking on this one alone? Ignoramus. Define complete.

      • Jekyll

        Ignoramus. Define complete.

  • KhadiBB

    AsSalaamu Aalikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. I love the idea of empowering women. Many men in this ummah have forgotten or even don’t realize
    that women are the heart of this society. I feel that women having a place to
    learn their deen in a space they feel welcomed is awesome. The question I have is does this place have to be an all womens masjid? I too have been
    displaced from the men to pray jummah. They put me next to a garbage can in a
    secular activity center’s kitchen. Our masjid was in its grass roots phase and
    they did not want women to come to the jummah prayer. There was almost no men
    there and I was far in the back. It left me feeling even more isolated than I
    already was, being a new convert. I always say Alhamdulillah Allah has shown me
    Islam before He showed me the Muslims or else I would not have converted. The way this deen have become segmented is baffling. Be reminded that Rasullulah (saw) warned us of divisions. He also said do not prevent your women from coming to the masjid. This all women masjid is only creating more division in an already divided community. If this sister took the money that she raised for this women’s masjid and made additions to an existing one, would that help her plight? Having halaqa’s and having woman scholars toteach Islamic and Arabic studies can be a start. I don’t think you had to build a whole new masjid to have a place for women. Allah will not change a people until they change what is within themselves. Women have lost their way. We don’t know our place in this society and want to imitate non-believers to ourdetriment. Yes women in the time of the Prophet (saw) were teachers and leaders but they respected the boundaries in this deen. We need to go back to basics, learn what is accepted and expected of us as muslimahs and then maybe we can start a real dialogue to be heard and respected. May Allah forgive us and guide us, Ameen.

    • actual anonymous

      “women don’t know their place in society.”
      I stopped reading from there.
      Women have been marginalised, objectified and ignored even with many cries to end segregation and when they finally have a mosque of their own for their own issues it is suddenly strayed.

      I have personally experienced something similar in the mosque. When they were donating for islamic education for someone, to men they said “Please donate, shukraan” but to women “please donate sisters, we know you love clothing and makeup but this is for the better” um wow, excuse me? They are using women’s money to keep on pushing them back. heck even the first university, which was created by a muslim woman, is now dominated by males and women cant enter anymore.
      This is what happens

      also women’s mosque isnt new. Chinese muslim communities have them everywhere and theyre fine. no fatwa or bullshit innovation said by male scholars.