8 Things to Expect When Being a Muslim Girl

confused muslim girl
  • Sarah

    L-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-V-E this!

  • ZKhan

    Muslim girls and boys should date and get married in their own community…

  • Bahahahaha

    Figures your only rebuttal is vapid buzzword crybaby catchphrases and pictures of lowlife celebrities. It’s no wonder nobody takes you seriously.

  • splooge

    for number 7. For a girl you cant waste your fertility years. Around 30 give or take on how one takes care of themselves and genetics, female fertiltiy declines and the probablity of healthy offspring declines. Theres a reason why the youngest is usually the runt even if hes “healthy”(not as strong big fast as his bros,lleg longer then the other wears glasses etc). Or worse they inherit other diseases like autism.
    THink those people are trying to help you.

    • A’isha

      What a truly awful post not to mention scientifically inaccurate on several aspects. But that is OK, ‘science is hard’. Read a book some time, will you?
      Oh, and my young eggs at 18 years managed to yield a lovely ‘worse’ child with Autism.

  • Jekyll

    I know KingofKings very well but your article is fluffy with pathetic memes, vines and buzzwords that serve like a cold shower but no long term solution. No one will take your articles seriously if they are written with such pedestrian ephemeral feel. Also why is that Muslim girls can satiate themselves with Ryan gosling, but lord have mercy if a Muslim man evre had some pic of some girl on his wall etc…grow up and see the world as it is…not as you want it to be…

    P.S. the KoK article had many many muslims and non-muslims defending Muslim women…but i guess you guys don’t need defense because you have silly memes and vines

  • Aicha Lasfar

    I ROFL’D. Great piece.

  • Comments101

    This is ON POINT! Love it too much!

  • Agus Tina

    You missed this…if you actually are married…when are you going to have babies? if you had…when comes the 5th. brother…come on!

  • http://www.gametobreed.com/ Hesse Kassel

    Wow, an article about my article about dating Muslim girls. That’s awesome.

    On the internet there is no higher compliment than writing an emotional, incoherent and slightly unhinged response in an attempt to discredit someone.

    Thank you!