What Do Veronica Partridge’s Leggings Say for Veiled Women?

veronica partridge
  • asallam

    Just a note:
    Muslim women do not solely wear the hijab to help men in their quest to “Lower their gaze”-this is an oversimplification of the idea of modesty within islam. Muslim women wear the hijab so they are thought of individuals independent of their looks – we are beings with minds and thoughts and opinions, not just pretty faces.

  • Juwairiyah

    No, it’s not easy, Mr. Partridge, but I recommend you do more than try. You’re married, right?……..I wear full hijab, so I have strong feelings about modesty and good behavior, but if my husband told me he ‘couldn’t help’ eyeing other women’s bottoms, I’d definitely- ooh, do SOMETHING he’d regret. Actually, I’d probably…seriously consider separation. Is this just…me?